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Samana Naturals
Luxurious Skin Care with Organic, Plant Based Ingredients

Who We Are
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Samana Naturals a wellness and skin care company committed to exceptional skin care sourcing from organic, plant based ingredients. We go beyond ordinary skin care by harnessing the intrinsic characteristics for each and every single ingredient when formulating our products.

We hope to improve the wellness of our customers through our tenets and our natural approach to skin and body care.

Our Core Tenets

1. Organic & Plant Based Ingredients
We believe that natural ingredients can have long term positive effects on the human body. Thus, we use only plant based ingredients in all of our products. We do not include harmful chemicals, petroleum products, parabens which can damage to both the skin and the environment.

2. Fairtrade & Environmental Sustainability
Our ingredients are carefully sourced from fairly traded organizations, to ensure that farmers are fairly compensated for their efforts. At times, we deal directly with farmers to ensure every dollar that our consumers spend on our products go through to the farmers.

Our products are fully bio-degradable and will never harm your skin nor the environment. All of our plastics are fully recyclable. We source our raw materials as local as possible so as to reduce any carbon foot prints.

3. Cruelty Free & Compassionate Living
We do not test on animals, and we carefully monitor our suppliers to ensure they do not test on animals. We are both Leaping Bunny and PETA certified.

Our operations take place in Toronto, Canada in near the Scarborough bluffs. So if you are around, feel free to drop by and say Hi!