​ Samana: What's in a name? Everything!

Samana: What's in a name? Everything!

The idea behind a name is something the world can identify themselves by. It can be very important to determine the success of a business, and so searching for a business name was quite important for us, as it probably is to name a newborn baby!

So what does Samana mean?

Samana is a term from ancient India, one where life was very different. In those days, the idea of cruelty to humans, animals, even small bacteria could not be tolerated.

This concept is still being practiced by modern Jains, but the religion has dwindled over time.
Samana means "continually improving" similar to Kaizen (Japanese word meaning "Continuous Improvement" used in Process Improvement) but in terms of reducing harming anything or anyone.

In a similar sense, the idea behind Samana Naturals is to continually improve our products to bring the best possible results for all of our clients by using only plant based, organic and fairtrade ingredients in all of our products. It's a challenge, but we are up for it!
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